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Embark on a thrilling odyssey with our Western Landmarks: Cowboys, National Parks & Monuments tour. Traverse the untamed beauty of Yellowstone, stand in awe of iconic Mt. Rushmore, and relive the spirit of the Old West in Cody and Deadwood. This curated expedition seamlessly intertwines the tales of cowboys with the wonders of national parks, promising an unforgettable journey through the heart of the American West. Join us for a captivating exploration that unveils the rich history and breathtaking landscapes of this legendary frontier.


Day 1 – 6/17/24 – Departure

Day one sets the stage as you depart from the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, and touch down in Billings, Montana. A picturesque lunch introduces you to the local flavors, setting the tone for the adventure ahead. The day unfolds as you arrive in Cody, Wyoming, welcomed by the rustic charm of Buffalo Bill Village. As the sun sets, the Proud Cut Saloon beckons with a hearty Western dinner, immersing you in the authentic spirit of the region.

Day 2 – 6/18/24 – Wild West History & Adventure
Begin your day with a hearty breakfast before diving into Cody’s rich history. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Old Trail Town Museum offer glimpses into the past, painting a vivid picture of the Wild West. A respite at the hotel prefaces a dinner reservation at the Cody Cattle Company, followed by the electrifying Cody Nite Rodeo—a quintessential Western spectacle that encapsulates the essence of cowboy culture.
Day 3 – 6/19/24 – Yellowstone National Park
A sunrise breakfast fuels a day-long exploration of the national park’s wonders, punctuated by a delightful box lunch against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. As dusk descends, the Cody Steakhouse beckons with a savory dinner, capping off a day of unparalleled natural beauty. We will spend all day in the park with a guide who will give us a narrated history of the park and all the beauty in America’s first National Park!
Day 4 – 6/20/24 – Deadwood City, SD
After breakfast we will begin our journey to Deadwood, South Dakota, weaving through intriguing stops such as the Museum of Aerial Firefighting, Gallery on Main, and Fort Phil Kearny. Lunch in Buffalo, Wyoming, adds a touch of local flavor, while the Campbell County Rockpile Museum offers insights into regional history. The evening finds us downtown, enjoying a drink where Wild Bill Hickock met his maker and eating dinner in the Historic Silverado Franklin Hotel in the heart Deadwood.. Wild West history comes alive all around us as we explore the downtown area and enjoy the company of our group!
Day 5 -6/21/24 – The Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse
Today begins with a fortifying breakfast, paving the way for a day exploring the Black Hills. A Custer Park Jeep Tour immerses you in the rugged landscape and wildlife, followed by a savory lunch. Iconic visits to Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial anchor the day, culminating in a delectable dinner at Laughing Waters Restaurant while we watch the Crazy Horse laser light show . As the sun sets, return to Deadwood, with memories of the day’s adventures etched in your mind.
Day 6 – 6/22/24 – Western History and Devil’s Tower
Day 6 promises a day of immersive exploration as we dive deep into the rich history and captivating landscapes of the American West. After a hearty breakfast, our journey begins with a visit to Tatanka, where you’ll witness the iconic buffalo sculptures and delve into the tales of the Great Plains. Next, we’ll uncover the fascinating history preserved at the Days of 76 Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts and stories from the frontier days. Following an exhilarating morning, you’ll have the chance to savor lunch at your leisure, providing the perfect opportunity to absorb the local flavors and charm. In the afternoon, we set our sights on the legendary Devil’s Tower, a geological marvel that rises dramatically from the Wyoming landscape. As the day unfolds, the exploration continues with a scenic drive to Buffalo, Wyoming, where the local culture and history come to life. The evening concludes with a delightful dinner, allowing you to relish the day’s discoveries and unwind in the heart of the Old West.
Day 7 – 6/23/24 – Heading Home
The final day unfolds with a leisurely breakfast, a poignant prelude to the journey’s conclusion. Depart for Billings, Montana, cherishing the memories of the untamed landscapes and vibrant history that have defined this extraordinary Western odyssey. As you arrive at the airport, the captivating tales of your journey linger, a testament to the timeless allure of the American West.



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