2024 Calendar

Which Excursions Will You Join?

Our full 2024 Calendar is Being Remodeled. Check back for updates.

2024 will have something for everybody! Our curated selection of excursions will mix a variety of travel styles to the widest-ranging destinations yet offered by OregonWest Excursions. 

Celebrate American Independence in Boston Harbor. Cruise the Nile on a small luxury ship. Stand amidst the largest Mass Ascension of hot air balloons in the world. Trace 5,000 years of history, culture, and cuisine from Beijing to Hong Kong. Join vibrant Day of the Dead festivities in comfort. Enjoy the serenity of Crater Lake in the Shoulder Season. Escape to the warm Hawaiian ocean breezes during the Oregon winter. See the Canadian Rockies aboard an award-winning train. Swing into Spring with America’s pass time in sunny Arizona.     

Be transformed by our custom-designed experiences in 2024 and beyond. 

Check back regularly as booking information, full itineraries, and additional opportunities will be updated regularly.