NTA Trip Insurance

Click here to see a NTA Insurance Flyer for pricing

Insurance – Trip cancellation insurance is available and is highly recommended. An insurance flyer is sent with each reservation form. To take out trip cancellation insurance you can: 1) Call BerkelyCare directly – 800-388-1470 or 2) Enroll online at https://nta.aontravelprotect.com.

* Note you will need our tour operator number 376005.

Basic & Enhanced Insurance – BerkelyCare offers 2 kinds of insurance – Basic and Enhanced. The difference between the two is that Enhanced insurance covers pre-existing conditions. If you have been to the doctor for a specific reason 90 days prior to signing up for a tour, you will need to sign up for the Enhanced insurance to cover that medical condition. You must take out the enhanced insurance within 14 days of your deposit. Ongoing medical problems such as diabetes or heart problems, etc –are not considered pre-existing conditions unless your doctor has changed your medications within the last 90 days. You can take the Basic insurance out up to the day we depart on the tour.

Insurance CoverageWhat does the insurance cover? BerkelyCare covers the cost of a trip if you need to cancel due to a medical problem or if an immediate family member has a medical emergency and you need to stay home. It also covers you while you are on the tour, if you get hurt or need to see a doctor; it will cover whatever your major medical does not cover. It will also cover your cost to get home if you have a medical problem, or if an immediate family member gets hurt or ill and you need to return home early.