Yellowstone Winter Delights – February 1-5, 2024




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Imagine all the Majesty of Yellowstone Without the Crowds – then add the Beauty of a Winter Landscape! National Parks statistics show that less than 1% of Yellowstone visitors travel there in February. This is not because it is any less beautiful this time of year, it is because you need a Snowcoach! As a member of this excursion, you will travel the stunning snow-coated landscape in a Snowcoach for two days – one day visiting Old Faithful and one day the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Gather your jackets and boots and join this fantastic adventure – be one of the few to experience Yellowstone in the winter!


Embark on an unforgettable winter adventure with our Yellowstone Snow Coach expedition! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Begin your journey with a flight to Bozeman, where the magic unfolds. Stay at the cozy Best Western Desert Inn and savor delightful meals at local favorites. Witness the majesty of grizzlies and wolves at the Discovery Center and embark on enchanting sleigh rides through snowy landscapes. Dive into the heart of Yellowstone with a Canyonlands Tour and marvel at the geothermal wonders of Old Faithful. This is more than a trip; it’s a winter wonderland escape filled with natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and cherished moments.


Day 1 – Thursday, February 1

The OregonWest Luxury motor coach will make its way up the Willamette Valley with stops in Dallas, Salem, Woodburn, and Tualatin on the way to PDX for our short flight to Bozeman. From Bozeman, West Yellowstone will be a short motor coach trip to the Best Western Desert Inn to get settled in before dinner at the iconic Bullwinkles. Tonight we will rest up for the adventure ahead!


Day 2 – Friday, February 2

We will eat breakfast at the hotel before diving into the wild wonders around Yellowstone. The morning will be spent at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, gaining insights into the lives of these magnificent creatures. In the afternoon, experience the enchantment of a traditional sleigh ride, giving an intimate connection with the winter landscape. To conclude the ride, we will eat a western-style dinner and reminisce about the great times we have already had!


Day 3 – Saturday, February 3

After breakfast we will board the Snowcoach with our boxed lunch for a full day exploring the winter wonderland of Yellowstone. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Tour awaits, promising a breathtaking journey through snow-covered landscapes, frozen waterfalls, and the sheer beauty of winter in Yellowstone. Capture moments of awe and wonder as you navigate this unique winter terrain. Back in West Yellowstone, gather for dinner at a local restaurant and relax.

Day 4 – Sunday, February 4

Fueled up from breakfast and with boxed lunches in hand we will venture into the heart of Yellowstone’s geothermal wonders with the Old Faithful tour. Witness the iconic geyser in its winter glory, surrounded by pristine snow. Throughout the day, marvel at the contrast of the steaming geysers against the snowy landscape. In the evening, bid adieu to Yellowstone with a farewell dinner, celebrating the memories made in this snowy paradise.

Day 5 – Monday, February 5

Enjoy a leisurely morning with free time to explore or relax. We will fuel up for our departure with Brunch and then board our motor coach carrying the warmth of Yellowstone’s winter magic with us. On the journey back, we will reflect on the pristine landscapes, captivating wildlife, and cherished moments that made this winter escape truly extraordinary. 
The short flight from Bozeman to PDX and then motor coach will carry us home. 

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